Nature Walk October 28, 2018

The Friends of DeBoville Slough enjoyed a wonderful nature walk along the north side of DeBoville Slough on the morning of October 28th. It was a little wet to start but as the morning wore on it became much drier. Along the way we saw many birds, 22 species, including a group of Pine Siskin. A number of raptors were also seen, a Northern Harrier, a Merlin and the always majestic Bald Eagle. A Hooded Merganser, in one of the side drainage ditches, caught a small fish as we watched. Other nature topics came up, like why the leaves are so colourful this year and what is that bush that stands out that during the growing season we never see. Unfortunately we did find a small, dead, garter snake, probably run over by the mowing of the sides of the dike.

We discussed the history of DeBoville Slough and how it has changed in the last 40 odd years, from a mowed dessert with only a few trees to the oasis it is today. Our biggest concern right now is the impact of all the development on the lower slopes of Burke Mountain and the resulting increase of people using DeBoville Slough for recreation. Although very clean, one of our members brought a garbage picker and a small bag of garbage was collected.

All in all a very satisfying morning.